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KARAOKE SUPER STARS was founded in 1996 by Paul and Tricia Loeber who, as customers of Karaoke nightclubs, became frustrated with the mediocre quality of a number of Karaoke companies in the area. Learning what to do from the good companies and hosts we encountered and avoiding the pitfalls of the "Bubba's Karaoke companies" (with apologies to anyone named "Bubba"), Karaoke Super Stars quickly moved to the forefront of Karaoke in southeastern Michigan. We built a top-of-the-line music system, choosing each component for the quality of its music reproduction. We created an enormous library of music from LaserDiscs and CD+Gs, giving us the largest and most diverse collection in the area.

The response was overwhelming and word spread quickly through the Karaoke clubs in the Downriver area. With no real marketing effort on our part, we found ourselves working five nights a week at clubs, and having to turn down business. In 1997, we purchased a second system, again choosing each component for the quality of its music reproduction. We created a large library of CD+G music only.

For most of our shows, we use the CDG-only collection. It boasts over 28,600 songs, many times larger than that of the average Karaoke company. For some shows, we add our LaserDisc library making the total song library over 27,700 songs.

To guarantee the appropriate system will be available for your big event, we recommend booking EARLY, particularly for summer (graduations, company picnics, weddings, etc.) and December events (Christmas and New Year's parties).

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